package typedarray

The typdearray package provides facade types for JavaScript ArrayBuffer, TypeArrays and DataView. Further, it provides conversions between primitive Scala arrays and TypedArrays

Linear Supertypes
AnyRef, scala.Any
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Type Members

  1. implicit final class AB2TA extends AnyVal

  2. implicit final class AC2TA extends AnyVal

  3. implicit final class AD2TA extends AnyVal

  4. implicit final class AF2TA extends AnyVal

  5. implicit final class AI2TA extends AnyVal

  6. implicit final class AS2TA extends AnyVal

  7. class ArrayBuffer extends Object

  8. class ArrayBufferInputStream extends InputStream

    A wrapping a JavaScript ArrayBuffer

    A wrapping a JavaScript ArrayBuffer

    This class is extremely similar to a ByteArrayInputStream, but uses ArrayBuffers as the underlying representation. Stream implementations may special case on this stream for better performance and access the underlying buffer directly. (They still need to make sure the internal pointers are properly aligned though).

    This stream has several public members (n.b. buffer, offset, length and pos) in order to allow JavaScript aware applications to special case on this kind of stream and access the underlying ArrayBuffer directly for efficiency. In this case it is the client's responsibility to synchronize pos, as if the stream were read normally (if the context in which it is used requires this).

  9. trait ArrayBufferView extends Object

  10. class DataView extends Object with ArrayBufferView

  11. class Float32Array extends Object with TypedArray[Float, Float32Array]

  12. class Float64Array extends Object with TypedArray[Double, Float64Array]

  13. class Int16Array extends Object with TypedArray[Short, Int16Array]

  14. class Int32Array extends Object with TypedArray[Int, Int32Array]

  15. class Int8Array extends Object with TypedArray[Byte, Int8Array]

  16. implicit final class TA2AB extends AnyVal

  17. implicit final class TA2AC extends AnyVal

  18. implicit final class TA2AD extends AnyVal

  19. implicit final class TA2AF extends AnyVal

  20. implicit final class TA2AI extends AnyVal

  21. implicit final class TA2AS extends AnyVal

  22. trait TypedArray[T, Repr] extends Object with ArrayBufferView

  23. trait TypedArrayStatic extends Object

  24. class Uint16Array extends Object with TypedArray[Int, Uint16Array]

  25. class Uint32Array extends Object with TypedArray[Double, Uint32Array]

  26. class Uint8Array extends Object with TypedArray[Short, Uint8Array]

  27. class Uint8ClampedArray extends Object with TypedArray[Int, Uint8ClampedArray]


Value Members

  1. object Float32Array extends Object with TypedArrayStatic

  2. object Float64Array extends Object with TypedArrayStatic

  3. object Int16Array extends Object with TypedArrayStatic

  4. object Int32Array extends Object with TypedArrayStatic

  5. object Int8Array extends Object with TypedArrayStatic

  6. object Uint16Array extends Object with TypedArrayStatic

  7. object Uint32Array extends Object with TypedArrayStatic

  8. object Uint8Array extends Object with TypedArrayStatic

  9. object Uint8ClampedArray extends Object with TypedArrayStatic

  10. def byteArray2Int8Array(array: scala.Array[Byte]): Int8Array

  11. def charArray2Uint16Array(array: scala.Array[Char]): Uint16Array

  12. def doubleArray2Float64Array(array: scala.Array[Double]): Float64Array

  13. def float32Array2FloatArray(array: Float32Array): scala.Array[Float]

  14. def float64Array2DoubleArray(array: Float64Array): scala.Array[Double]

  15. def floatArray2Float32Array(array: scala.Array[Float]): Float32Array

  16. def int16Array2ShortArray(array: Int16Array): scala.Array[Short]

  17. def int32Array2IntArray(array: Int32Array): scala.Array[Int]

  18. def int8Array2ByteArray(array: Int8Array): scala.Array[Byte]

  19. def intArray2Int32Array(array: scala.Array[Int]): Int32Array

  20. def shortArray2Int16Array(array: scala.Array[Short]): Int16Array

  21. def uint16Array2CharArray(array: Uint16Array): scala.Array[Char]

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