package sbtplugin

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Type Members

  1. sealed trait AbstractJSDep extends AnyRef

    Something JavaScript related a project may depend on.

  2. final class FrameworkDetector extends AnyRef

  3. sealed trait JSModuleID extends AbstractJSDep

    A JavaScript module/library a Scala.

  4. final case class JarJSModuleID(module: ModuleID, jsDep: JSDependency) extends JSModuleID with Product with Serializable

    A JavaScript module that resides inside a jar (probably webjar)

  5. class LoggerJSConsole extends JSConsole

    A proxy for a Logger that looks like a Mozilla console object

  6. final class OptimizerOptions extends AnyRef

    Various options for the Scala.

  7. final case class ProvidedJSModuleID(jsDep: JSDependency, configurations: Option[String]) extends JSModuleID with Product with Serializable

    A JavaScript module that we depend on, but is provided externally or by the project itself

  8. final case class RuntimeDOMDep(configurations: Option[String]) extends AbstractJSDep with Product with Serializable

  9. sealed trait Stage extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object FrameworkDetector

  2. object Implicits

  3. object JarJSModuleID extends Serializable

  4. object OptimizerOptions

  5. object ProvidedJSModuleID extends Serializable

  6. object ScalaJSCrossVersion

  7. object ScalaJSPlugin extends AutoPlugin

  8. object ScalaJSPluginInternal

    Contains settings used by ScalaJSPlugin that should not be automatically be in the *.

  9. object Stage

  10. package cross

  11. package impl