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  1. class MemVirtualBinaryFile extends VirtualBinaryFile

    A simple in-memory immutable virtual binary file.

    A simple in-memory immutable virtual binary file.

    Modifying the passed content after creation of a MemVirtualBinaryFile yields undefined behavior.

  2. class NodeVirtualBinaryFile extends NodeVirtualFile with VirtualBinaryFile
  3. class NodeVirtualFile extends VirtualFile
  4. trait VirtualBinaryFile extends VirtualFile

    A virtual binary input file.

  5. trait VirtualFile extends AnyRef

    A virtual input file.

  6. final class WritableMemVirtualBinaryFile extends WritableVirtualBinaryFile
  7. trait WritableNodeVirtualBinaryFile extends NodeVirtualBinaryFile with WritableVirtualBinaryFile
  8. trait WritableVirtualBinaryFile extends AnyRef

    A writable virtual binary file.

    A writable virtual binary file.


    This does **not** extend VirtualBinaryFile nor VirtualFile, mainly because the Scala.js stack never needs these two things together. Implementations are free to provide both interfaces.