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Type Members

  1. trait AtomicWritableFileVirtualBinaryFile extends FileVirtualBinaryFile with WritableFileVirtualBinaryFile
  2. trait AtomicWritableFileVirtualJSFile extends FileVirtualJSFile with WritableFileVirtualJSFile with AtomicWritableFileVirtualTextFile
  3. trait AtomicWritableFileVirtualTextFile extends FileVirtualTextFile with WritableFileVirtualTextFile
  4. class FileVirtualBinaryFile extends FileVirtualFile with VirtualBinaryFile

    A VirtualBinaryFile implemented by an actual file on the file system.

  5. class FileVirtualFile extends VirtualFile

    A VirtualFile implemented by an actual file on the file system.

  6. class FileVirtualJSFile extends FileVirtualTextFile with VirtualJSFile
  7. class FileVirtualJarFile extends FileVirtualBinaryFile with VirtualJarFile
  8. class FileVirtualTextFile extends FileVirtualFile with VirtualTextFile

    A VirtualTextFile implemented by an actual file on the file system.

  9. class MemVirtualBinaryFile extends MemVirtualFile with VirtualBinaryFile

    A simple in-memory mutable virtual binary file.

  10. class MemVirtualFile extends VirtualFile

    A base class for simple in-memory mutable virtual files.

  11. class MemVirtualJSFile extends MemVirtualTextFile with VirtualJSFile

    A simple in-memory mutable virtual JS file.

  12. class MemVirtualTextFile extends MemVirtualFile with VirtualTextFile

    A simple in-memory mutable virtual text file.

  13. trait RelativeVirtualFile extends VirtualFile
  14. trait VirtualBinaryFile extends VirtualFile

    A virtual binary input file.

  15. trait VirtualFile extends AnyRef

    A virtual input file.

  16. trait VirtualFileContainer extends VirtualFile

    A virtual file container.

    A virtual file container.

    This is a generic virtual container for embedded virtual files, especially one found on a classpath such as a jar.

  17. trait VirtualJSFile extends VirtualTextFile

    A virtual input file which contains JavaScript code.

    A virtual input file which contains JavaScript code. It may have a source map associated with it.

  18. trait VirtualJarFile extends VirtualFileContainer with VirtualBinaryFile

    A virtual jar file.

  19. trait VirtualTextFile extends VirtualFile

    A virtual input file.

  20. trait WritableFileVirtualBinaryFile extends FileVirtualBinaryFile with WritableVirtualBinaryFile
  21. trait WritableFileVirtualJSFile extends FileVirtualJSFile with WritableFileVirtualTextFile with WritableVirtualJSFile
  22. trait WritableFileVirtualTextFile extends FileVirtualTextFile with WritableVirtualTextFile
  23. trait WritableMemVirtualJSFile extends MemVirtualJSFile with WritableVirtualJSFile with WritableMemVirtualTextFile
  24. trait WritableMemVirtualTextFile extends MemVirtualTextFile with WritableVirtualTextFile
  25. trait WritableVirtualBinaryFile extends VirtualBinaryFile
  26. trait WritableVirtualJSFile extends WritableVirtualTextFile with VirtualJSFile
  27. trait WritableVirtualTextFile extends VirtualTextFile