package ir

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Type Members

  1. sealed abstract class ClassKind extends AnyRef
  2. final class EntryPointsInfo extends AnyRef
  3. class IRVersionNotSupportedException extends IOException
  4. class InvalidIRException extends Exception
  5. final class OriginalName extends AnyVal

    An optional original name.

    An optional original name.

    Since an OriginalName is basically an optional UTF8String, original names must always be well-formed Unicode strings. Unpaired surrogates are not valid.

  6. final case class Position(source: SourceFile, line: Int, column: Int) extends Product with Serializable
  7. final class UTF8String extends AnyVal

    An immutable UTF-8 string.

    An immutable UTF-8 string.

    The contents of a UTF8String is guaranteed to be a well-formed UTF-8 string.


    equals() and hashCode(), along with == and ##, are just as broken for UTF8String as for Arrays. Use the methods in the companion object instead. This is unavoidable because we cannot override equals nor hashCode in an AnyVal.

  8. class VersionChecks extends AnyRef

    Helper class to allow for testing of logic.

Value Members

  1. object ClassKind
  2. object EntryPointsInfo
  3. object Hashers
  4. object Names
  5. object OriginalName
  6. object Position extends Serializable
  7. object Printers
  8. object SHA1

    Wrapper around"SHA-1")

  9. object ScalaJSVersions extends VersionChecks
  10. object Serializers
  11. object Transformers
  12. object Traversers
  13. object Trees
  14. object Types
  15. object UTF8String