package test

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Type Members

  1. trait AsyncTests extends JSEnvTest with BasicJSEnvTests

    A couple of tests that test async runners for mix-in into a test suite

  2. trait BasicJSEnvTests extends JSEnvTest

    Tests that should succeed on any JSEnv

  3. trait ComTests extends JSEnvTest with AsyncTests

    A couple of tests that test communication for mix-in into a test suite

  4. abstract class CustomInitFilesTest extends JSEnvTest
  5. abstract class JSEnvTest extends AnyRef
  6. class StoreJSConsole extends JSConsole
  7. class StoreLogger extends Logger
  8. trait TimeoutComTests extends JSEnvTest with TimeoutTests with ComTests
  9. trait TimeoutTests extends JSEnvTest

Value Members

  1. object StoreLogger