package rhino

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Type Members

  1. implicit final class ContextOps extends AnyVal

  2. class LazyScalaJSScope extends Scriptable

    A proxy for a ScalaJS "scope" field that loads scripts lazily

    A proxy for a ScalaJS "scope" field that loads scripts lazily

    E.g., ScalaJS.c, which is a scope with the Scala.js classes, can be turned to a LazyScalaJSScope. Upon first access to a field of ScalaJS.c, say ScalaJS.c.scala_Option, the script defining that particular field will be loaded. This is possible because the relative path to the script can be derived from the name of the property being accessed.

    It is immensely useful, because it allows to load lazily only the scripts that are actually needed.

  3. final class RhinoJSEnv extends ComJSEnv

  4. class ScalaJSCoreLib extends AnyRef

  5. implicit class ScriptableObjectOps extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object RhinoJSEnv

  2. object ScalaJSCoreLib

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