package irio

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Type Members

  1. final class IRFileCache extends AnyRef

    Centralized Scala.js IR cache.

    Centralized Scala.js IR cache.

    Caches all Scala.js IR used in a given JVM. It supports creating of multiple sub-caches (IRFileCache.Cache) that track individual file sets. The global cache is fully thread-safe. However, the sub-caches are not.

  2. class MemVirtualSerializedScalaJSIRFile extends MemVirtualBinaryFile with VirtualSerializedScalaJSIRFile

    A simple in-memory mutable virtual serialized Scala.js IR file.

  3. class NodeVirtualScalaJSIRFile extends NodeVirtualBinaryFile with VirtualSerializedScalaJSIRFile
  4. trait ScalaJSIRContainer extends VirtualFile

    A virtual file containing Scala.js IR.

    A virtual file containing Scala.js IR.

    The main difference compared to using individual files (that are extracted beforehand) is that the fileset can be versioned at a higher level: the container needs to change its version when any of the files change. Therefore, the entire extraction process can be cached.

  5. trait VirtualRelativeScalaJSIRFile extends VirtualScalaJSIRFile with RelativeVirtualFile with ScalaJSIRContainer
  6. trait VirtualScalaJSIRFile extends VirtualFile

    A virtual Scala.js IR file.

    A virtual Scala.js IR file. It contains the class info and the IR tree.

  7. trait VirtualSerializedScalaJSIRFile extends VirtualBinaryFile with VirtualScalaJSIRFile

    Base trait for virtual Scala.js IR files that are serialized as binary file.

Value Members

  1. object IRFileCache
  2. object ScalaJSIRContainer