package optimizer

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Type Members

  1. trait Analysis extends AnyRef

  2. final class Analyzer extends Analysis

  3. class ClosureAstBuilder extends JSTreeBuilder

  4. class ClosureAstTransformer extends AnyRef

  5. final class Emitter extends AnyRef

    Emits a desugared JS tree to a builder

  6. abstract class GenIncOptimizer extends AnyRef

    Incremental optimizer.

    Incremental optimizer. An incremental optimizer consumes the reachability Analysis produced by an Analyzer, as well as trees for classes, and optimizes them in an incremental way. It maintains state between runs to do a minimal amount of work on every run, based on detecting what parts of the program must be re-optimized, and keeping optimized results from previous runs for the rest.

  7. class IRChecker extends AnyRef

    Checker for the validity of the IR.

  8. class IncOptimizer extends GenIncOptimizer

  9. class InfoChecker extends AnyRef

    Checker for the validity of the IR.

  10. trait JSTreeBuilder extends AnyRef

    An abstract builder taking IR or JSTrees

  11. final case class LinkedClass(name: Ident, kind: ClassKind, superClass: Option[Ident], interfaces: List[Ident], jsName: Option[String], fields: List[FieldDef], staticMethods: List[LinkedMember[MethodDef]], memberMethods: List[LinkedMember[MethodDef]], abstractMethods: List[LinkedMember[MethodDef]], exportedMembers: List[LinkedMember[Tree]], classExports: List[Tree], classExportInfo: Option[MethodInfo], optimizerHints: OptimizerHints, pos: Position, ancestors: List[String], hasInstances: Boolean, hasRuntimeTypeInfo: Boolean, version: Option[String]) extends Product with Serializable

    A ClassDef after linking.

    A ClassDef after linking.

    Note that the version in the LinkedClass does not cover staticMethods, memberMethods, abstractMethods and exportedMembers as they have their individual versions. (The collections themselves are not versioned).

  12. final case class LinkedMember[+T <: Tree](info: MethodInfo, tree: T, version: Option[String]) extends Product with Serializable

    A MethodDef or a PropertyDef after linking

  13. final class Linker extends AnyRef

    Links the information from VirtualScalaJSIRFiles into LinkedClassDefs.

    Links the information from VirtualScalaJSIRFiles into LinkedClassDefs. Does a dead code elimination pass.

  14. final class LinkingUnit extends AnyRef

  15. class LoggerErrorManager extends BasicErrorManager

    A Google Closure Error Manager that forwards to a tools.logging.Logger

  16. class ParIncOptimizer extends GenIncOptimizer

  17. final class Refiner extends AnyRef

    Does a dead code elimination pass on LinkedClasses

  18. class ScalaJSClosureOptimizer extends AnyRef

    Scala.js Closure optimizer: does advanced optimizations with Closure.

  19. class ScalaJSOptimizer extends AnyRef

    Scala.js optimizer: does type-aware global dce.

Value Members

  1. object Analysis

  2. object Analyzer

  3. object ClosureAstBuilder

  4. object GenIncOptimizer

  5. object IRChecker

  6. object IncOptimizer

  7. object LinkedClass extends Serializable

  8. object ParIncOptimizer

  9. object ScalaJSClosureOptimizer

  10. object ScalaJSOptimizer

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