Announcing Scala.js 0.6.1

Mar 3, 2015.

We are excited to announce the release of Scala.js 0.6.1!

This release mostly contains bug fixes, including inefficiencies in the incremental fastOptJS. It also brings the entire java.nio.Buffers API, with interoperability with the JavaScript Typed Arrays API.

Getting started

If you are new to Scala.js, head over to the tutorial.

Release notes

For changes in the 0.6.x series compared to 0.5.x, read the announcement of 0.6.0.

As a minor release, 0.6.1 is backward source and binary compatible with 0.6.0. Libraries compiled with 0.6.0 can be used with 0.6.1 without change. However, they will suffer from bug #1506, which will cause your fastOptJS to perform more work than necessary. It is therefore recommended for library authors to upgrade to 0.6.1 and publish new versions of their libraries. Scala.js 0.6.0 can read binaries compiled with 0.6.1, so you need not be afraid to force an upgrade of all the users of your libraries.

Please report any issues on GitHub.

java.nio.Buffer and Typed Arrays

Scala.js 0.6.1 brings a complete implementation of the java.nio.Buffer API, with the exception of MappedByteBuffer. The non-direct buffers work on any JS engine supported by Scala.js, i.e., supporting ECMAScript 5.1.

Direct buffers are implemented with JavaScript Typed Arrays, and therefore require the JS VM to support them. Two additional APIs of the Scala.js standard library provide interoperability with Typed Arrays:

  • TypedArrayBufferOps allows to retrieve the underlying ArrayBuffer, DataView, and optionally TypedArray of a direct buffer (if it is not read-only)
  • TypedArrayBuffer allows to construct direct buffers wrapping existing Typed Arrays.


Bug fixes

  • #1478 Wrong optimization of Float/Double * -1
  • #1491 ~fastOptJS runs non-stop (also reported as #1513)
  • #1506/#1514 fastOptJS performs unnecessary work (requires libraries to be recompiled with 0.6.1)
  • #1497 A better error message when trying to @JSExport an abstract class
  • #1499 fullOptJS doesn’t generate the -launcher.js script
  • #1515 Hidden crasher bug of the optimizer in obscure cases