Scala.js compiles Scala code to JavaScript, allowing you to write your web application entirely in Scala! Take a look at the project gallery to see what kind of things you can build with Scala.js.

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The easiest way to get started is to follow our tutorial. You can also fork the bootstrapping skeleton and follow the instructions in its readme or try it out in the browser. There's also an e-book Hands-on Scala.js which contains a lot of introductory material to help you get started.

We also have a standalone distribution that doesn't require SBT.

Note that Scala.js is not part of the Typesafe Reactive platform. Thus, although we consider Scala.js production-ready, Typesafe does not provide any commercial support for it.

Noteworthy features

  • Support all of Scala (including macros!), modulo a few semantic differences
  • Very good interoperability with JavaScript code. For example, use jQuery and HTML5 from your Scala.js code, either in a typed or untyped way. Or create Scala.js objects and call their methods from JavaScript.
  • Integrated with sbt (including support for dependency management and incremental compilation)
  • Can be used with your favorite IDE for Scala
  • Generates Source Maps for a smooth debugging experience (step through your Scala code from within your browser supporting source maps)
  • Integrates Google Closure Compiler for producing minimal code for production. Compiled blobs range from 170-400kb
  • Produces (very) efficient JavaScript code (benchmarks)


Featured presentations to get you convinced:


This is a collection of libraries known to work with Scala.js. Some of them, like scala-js-dom and scala-js-jquery, are specific to Javascript and don't make sense on the JVM. Some others, such as scala-async, are pure-macro projects, and thus work with Scala.js out of the box. Most of them, though, are cross-compiling over JVM and JS, and thus have separate artifacts to run on each platform.

If you have a library that would be useful to the Scala.js community, please add it to this list! Add a new entry for the library under the appropriate category below, press "Propose file change" and then "Create a Pull Request".

Static types for JavaScript libraries

Testing frameworks

All these testing frameworks cross-compile on the JVM and JS.

HTML templating libraries

  • Scalatags: cross-compiling HTML templating library/DSL that works on both Scala/JVM and Scala.js

UI frameworks

Serialization/pickling libraries

  • uPickle: cross-compiling statically-typed pickling (via typeclasses/macros) for both Scala/JVM and Scala.js
  • Prickle: cross-compiling statically-typed pickling library with support for pickling object graphs containing shared objects and cycles
  • BooPickle: highly efficient binary serialization for both Scala and Scala.js
  • Scala.js Pickling: cross-compiling pickling library based on explicit registration of picklers

Client-server communication

  • autowire: cross-compiling statically-typed Ajax calls and RPCs


FRP/reactive extensions

  • Scala.Rx: cross-compiling change-propagation/FRP library
  • Monifu: cross-compiling reactive extensions (Rx) with back-pressure, atomic references and other multi-threading primitives

Ports of well-known Scala libraries

  • Akka: Toolkit and runtime for building concurrent, distributed applications
  • NICTA/rng: Pure-functional random value generation.
  • Monocle: Optics library strongly inspired by Haskell Lens.
  • Scalaz: Library for functional programming.
  • Shapeless: Generic programming for Scala.


  • Scala-Async (works out-of-box with Scala.js)
  • Scalaxy Loops and Streams (work out-of-box with Scala.js)
  • jsext: utilities for developing facades and working with Futures
  • slogging: a simple logging library with an API compatible to scala-logging (and slf4j)
  • FastParse: Fast to write, fast-running parser-combinators in Scala/Scala.js





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