package jsenv

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Type Members

  1. abstract class Input extends AnyRef

    Input to a JSEnv.

    Input to a JSEnv.

    Implementors of a JSEnv are expected to pattern match on this input type and handle the ones they support.

    Note that this type is not sealed, so future versions of Scala.js may add additional input types. Older JSEnvs are expected to fail in this case with an UnsupportedInputException.

  2. trait JSComRun extends JSRun

    A JSRun that has a communication channel to the running JS code.

  3. trait JSEnv extends AnyRef

    A JavaScript execution environment.

    A JavaScript execution environment.

    This can run and interact with JavaScript code.

    Any implementation is expected to be fully thread-safe.

  4. trait JSRun extends AutoCloseable

    A launched instance of a JSEnv.

    A launched instance of a JSEnv.

    This is the interface to actually running JS code (whether this is in process or not depens on the JSEnv that created the JSRun).

    Any implementation is expected to be fully thread-safe.

  5. final class RunConfig extends AnyRef

    Configuration provided when starting a JSEnv.

  6. case class UnsupportedInputException(msg: String, cause: Throwable) extends IllegalArgumentException with Product with Serializable

Value Members

  1. object ExternalJSRun

    Support for creating a JSRun via an external process.

  2. object Input
  3. object JSComRun
  4. object JSRun
  5. object RunConfig