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  1. abstract class IRContainerImpl extends IRContainer

    A virtual file containing Scala.js IR.

    A virtual file containing Scala.js IR.

    The main difference compared to using individual files (that are extracted beforehand) is that the fileset can be versioned at a higher level: the container needs to change its version when any of the files change. Therefore, the entire extraction process can be cached.

  2. abstract class IRFileCacheImpl extends IRFileCache

    IRFileCacheImpl opens IRFileCache for inheritance.

  3. abstract class IRFileImpl extends IRFile

    A virtual Scala.js IR file.

    A virtual Scala.js IR file. It contains the class info and the IR tree.

  4. abstract class LinkerImpl extends Linker

    LinkerImpl opens Linker for inheritance.

  5. sealed abstract class ModuleInitializerImpl extends ModuleInitializer

    A module initializer for a Scala.js application.

    A module initializer for a Scala.js application.

    When linking a Scala.js application, a sequence of ModuleInitializers can be given. Those module initializers will be executed at the startup of the application. More specifically, the top-level code of the ECMAScript 2015 module emitted for the application will invoke the specified module initializers in the specified order, after having initialized everything else (notably static initializers).

    Instances of ModuleInitializer can be created with methods of the ModuleInitializer companion object.

  6. abstract class OutputFileImpl extends File