Great libraries make programming so much easier. With Scala.js you can use both Scala and JavaScript libraries in your code easily.

JavaScript facades

Interact with JavaScript libraries in a safe, strongly-typed manner.

Scala libraries

Libraries traditionally running on the JVM, now running on JS as well!


Make sure your code starts correct and stays correct.

Project Skeletons

Get started quickly.

Add a Scala.js badge on your library site

Show your true colors by adding a Scala.js badge on your site! Select the lowest Scala.js version your library is compatible with.

If you don’t find your version of Scala.js, that’s probably because it is forward-compatible with its predecessor, in which case you should take the latest available version older than your version of Scala.js. For example, for Scala.js 1.9.x, use the 1.8.0+ badge.

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