Project Skeletons

These application skeletons get you started in no time!

Play application with Scala.js

Example application showing how you can integrate Play with Scala.js.

AWS Lambda with Scala.js

A skeleton to build an AWS Lambda handler using Scala.js 1.0. Uses sbt-scalajs-bundler to manage npm dependencies and sbt-native-packager to package lambda for deployment.

npm scalajs-starter

Scala.js Node.js skeleton app / library handled with npm start, build, test, clean commands.

wiringbits scala-webapp-template

Modern web app skeleton based in Play + Scala.js + React (powered by Slikny) + Material UI + Scalablytyped, including user registration, login, admin portal, and automatic deployments with Ansible.

Scala.js 0.6.x

These applications are outdated but could be useful as references if you happen to be involved in older Scala.js versions.

Example app with Docker and backend

A minimal but complete web application showing how to use Scala.js together with a server (Akka HTTP) and a database (Postgres). The app is dockerized and easy to set up.


Skeleton application using Scala.js workbench for live-reloading in the browser, together with a collection of sample applications developed using it

Play | Scala.js | React - web application skeleton

It is made with Scala.js & Play Framework. Application is dockerized, made with React components and has authentication system. Client - Server RPC API is based on autowire. This application is meant to be used as a start to create Scala.js & Play based web applications.

SPA tutorial with Scala.js and React

Simple Single Page Application tutorial built upon scalajs-react, Play and Bootstrap.

Play application with Scala.js and Workbench

Example setup which, using the Workbench plugin, prevents any change made to client code from causing a compile error on the Play server, which could otherwise slow down client development.

Scala Google Spreadsheets

Allows to create Google custom functions in Google SpreadSheets with Scala.


These applications are not maintained anymore but could be useful as references.

Node.js module with Scala.js

Proof of concept to determine if Scala.js could be leveraged to make a Node.js module.

Udash Generator

Project generator for the Udash framework - creates a customized, complete and runnable Udash based application.