Testing Scala.js code

Several Scala testing frameworks have been updated to be compatible with Scala.js. To quickly start using one of these libraries, just click on the dependency clipboard button to get the relevant SBT dependency definition.

Test frameworks

Name Description Dependency
JUnit A programmer-friendly Java testing framework
MUnit Scala testing library with actionable errors and extensible APIs
uTest Simple testing framework with good Scala.js support
ScalaTest Extensive testing framework for Scala
MiniTest A mini testing framework, cross-compiled for Scala and Scala.js
Greenlight BDD style testing framework for Scala and Scala.js.
Scala Test-State Library to test stateful stuff statelessly, and reasonably.
AirSpec Scala-friendly testing framework, compiled for Scala and Scala.js

Property testing

Scalacheck Property testing for Scala
Nyaya Property testing and assertion.
Scalaprops Property based testing library for Scala